“Test Everything” 119 Acts 10 Video (Peter’s Vision) Conclusion Pt.3 Peter’s Vindication

Peter’s Vindication

Grace, Mercy, and Peace be to all in the precious name of Jesus.

Welcome to the third and final part of this “Test Everything” video examination. This portion which has been entitled “Peters’ Vindication”, has been named so, as a direct result of the strong, overwhelming, scriptural evidence and support, which was revealed during this spiritual fact finding review. Based upon the biblical facts of information, established in the two previous sections of the test, I have come to the following conclusions concerning the aforementioned beliefs and claims:

  1. That there is no scriptural evidence whatsoever, to support, or to suggest, that Old Testament clean and unclean food ordinances, survived God’s Acts 10:15 disannulment of them, during His conversation with the apostle Peter.
  2. That there is no scriptural evidence whatsoever to support, or sustain the beliefs contained in the “119 Ministries Acts 10 (Peter’s Vision) Video”, which promotes these claims.
  3. That this video should not be used or relied upon as a basis for teaching biblical facts, principles or truths.

In support of the Kingdom of God, and the beloved apostle Peter; his loyalty, his dedication, and his faith.

I do humbly submit the following rebuttal, in support of his witness, labor, and sacrifice of obedience, to the heavenly vision.



Upon examination of the  beliefs, I found no evidence in the scriptures whatsoever to justify this gross misrepresentation of the apostle Peter’s character and mindset, other than the fact that he makes mention of a separation law, which in actuality really does exist.

His acknowledgement of this law puts in jeopardy the whole alleged belief, that God was talking figuratively, and not literally, when He informed Peter than He had now cleansed all unclean animals for his consumption.

For if God was revealing to Peter, that He was doing away with an actual covenant law, banning association with Gentile nations, then the whole belief that God was not abolishing clean and unclean laws is totally destroyed. There could be no legitimate foundation upon which this belief could be sustained, thus Peter’s understanding of the law must be destroyed. He must now be made to look like one who has no spiritual understanding of God’s Holy Scriptures and laws.

This is a very sad, tragic, and embarrassing situation, seeing that this is being done in the name of promoting Yahweh’s truth. One need but read the first five or six chapters of the book of Acts, to see
Peter’s knowledge, understanding, and use of the Holy Scriptures consistently, as well as his love for God, loyalty to Christ, and love toward all people. Moreover, God’s approval of his actions, words, and deeds, can be evidently seen, by the level of heavenly support, and power in the Holy Ghost, he was given from the Father for his mission.

This whole idea that he was somehow following the doctrines of the Pharisees; the very ones who condemned Christ, while at the same preaching Christ, is ridiculously absurd; and a destructive mishandling of the Holy Scriptures.

For even God himself, set His is approval upon the teachings of Peter, when He sent an angel to loose him by night from his imprisonment in Jerusalem. for the angel commanded
him saying:
“Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.” Acts 5:20

How can one be so trusted, supported, and commanded in such a fashion, except they are known of God to walk in truth?

Can one who is so blinded by Pharisaic doctrine, have such power with God? Would he not need be blinded first, like brother Paul, that he might truly see to serve the Lord?

Christ Himself has clearly told us that, no man can serve two masters, as these would suggest was the case with Peter. I have no doubt in my heart, that this gross folly will eventually come to nought, and that those who have so recklessly and presumptuously spoken these things, will fall victim to their own misguided teachings. Let us pray therefore, that God will grant them space to repent, and to recover themselves from the snare of Satan, who now holds them captive to do his will.


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