Fleecing In God’s Name. What Should We Do?

Fleecing In The Name of God. What Should We Do?

In Luke 12:15-21, and various other places throughout the scriptures, we are warned by God as believers to avoid the practice of heaping up treasures unto ourselves, and yet today, despite those warnings, there are those amongst us who openly choose to disobey these commands; creating non-profit after non-profit, through which they and their accomplices willfully gourge themselves at the table of godly giving and financial donation; financially enriching themselves through outrageous salaries, and compensation packages in the name of serving Christ, the church, and the poor.

Determined, that godly ministry is a source of financial gain, they fleece the church, the poor, and thousands upon thousand of unsuspecting donors of their much needed financial support; taking also the “widow’s mites” which is considered most valuable by the Lord amongst all our offerings to God.(Luke21:1-4)

Despite their conduct however, we know from Christ’s teachings, (Matthew 7:21-23) the fate that awaits these false believers. They will be rejected for the iniquities which they practiced in His Name.

This being true, what efforts should true believers put forth (if any) to prevent or deter the abuse of the church, the poor, and unsuspecting donors, who are being exploited in the name of Godly ministry.


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